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Long, Complete Dramione
Come ye all, lovers of epics!
The Universe is a Great and Beautiful Thing [R] 
18th-Mar-2010 02:20 pm
Title: The Universe is a Great and Beautiful Thing
Author: attica (basicaquatics)
Word Count: 17,952
Rating: R
Warnings: character death
Summary: “One of the greatest surprises in life is finding out how you’re going to die, and the fact that nobody can ever spoil it for you.”

Notes: The first time I read this story, I was stunned. I had to go back and re-read a second time because my head was exploding with the emotions, the imagery, the aching beauty of the prose and feelings I still can't capture into words.

For anyone who loves Draco Malfoy -- not the teenager, not the Death Eater, not the sex god or prat or git, but the man -- this story is for you. Because attica's Draco does more living and learning and loving here than in most stories spanning tens and hundreds of thousands of words.

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